Thursday, October 2, 2014

Getting Started On the Centerpiece

I'm so excited about all the unique eagle projects we have going on here! Love that they will all be so varied and different. As personalized as the quilters working on them! I started the prep work on my centerpiece earlier in the week. Still have a little more to get figured out, but the eagle has to be appliqued down first, so I consider this real progress!
Starting my centerpiece
I like to cut out tricky applique pieces like the eagle wings by tracing the pattern onto freezer paper, cutting it out and then ironing the shape directly onto the top of my fabric. I used to leave the freezer paper on as I stitched (around) it to the background, but no longer. Now I just pull the paper up and pin it into place.
Prep work for the applique
I kept fussing with the bottom of the eagle trying to get things centered, but then I realized my original isn't even centered. Okay, enough of that! I'm still crossing my eyes at the red center (shield) on my eagle too. Do I want it to look this patriotic or not? I think I'll wait a bit before I start stitching in case I change my mind and go with a different color.