Monday, June 8, 2015

Picking Up My Eagle Quilt Once Again

Okay, here it is, the latest progress on my Eagle quilt! I've been putting this quilt off so much and working on other things that July 4th is totally out of the question now. I might {maybe, maybe} be able to get this applique border stitched down by then? We'll see. I'm not always good with deadlines!
Figuring out the applique border
I wrote a lot more about my border decisions over on my regular blog as that's where I tend to blather on about things like that. I sort of thought I'd end up with a more classic looking eagle quilt {like Angie's}, but alas, I seemed to have been hijacked by my weird and wonderful design process. And although there won't be a finish with this quilt project any time soon, I do feel good about the fact that I haven't abandoned my quilt altogether!


  1. LOVE the applique border! It's perfect!

  2. I hope you always stay just as weird and wonderful as you are right now! This is amazing in a very Audrey sort of way...and that's a huge compliment! I really like the way all of this is coming together. Perhaps I am inspired enough to actually start on mine! Or not. :)

  3. My, but your Eagle quilt is a beauty! LOVE it. Applique border is a perfect addition. Mine is still only a dream in my imagination. Maybe someday...

  4. Oh I love the borders...I'm on block 4 of mine but yours is stunning...hugs mary

  5. This is a beautiful quilt!
    I have arrived late to the eagle celebration but am loving all the eagle quilts!
    I would love to add my "Eye of the Eagle" panel quilt if this is within the guidelines ... :) Pat

  6. I would not have thought of putting the leaves in there. But it is PERFECT! A wreath.


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