Friday, July 3, 2015

Eagles on the Brain

Since I've been working on my Quilt Like An Eagle quilt, I have become much more conscious of eagles as decorative symbols in the world around me.

I spied this eagle on a bank's after-hours depository.

The federal courthouse in downtown Denver had these eagles and shields atop the building's columns.

How 'bout these Peeps I found at a Cracker Barrel (the US restaurant chain)?!

I have been working on my eagles, but only intermittently.  I decided I wanted to make my own patterns for the rest of the quilt, and it took some time to get that accomplished.  The center of the quilt will have two concentric spiky circles with a star in the center.  
I made a test version - half of the outer circle - to see if I was happy with the outcome.  From looking at a lot of 4 block eagle quilts, it seems many of these spiky circles are done with reverse applique.  I've never done a stitch of reverse applique and I decided this was not the time to try it!  These will be made with regular applique, using the freezer paper and spray starch prep method.  

I purchased some French General Rue Indiennes fabric for the outer border of my quilt, but I think I will also use it for the outer concentric circle.

The eagles have all gotten embroidered eyes and arrows in their beaks.  I'm also playing around with some 8 pointed stars below the tail feathers.  Now that I see the stars in the photograph, I may switch the blue star fabric for the Rue Indiennes paisley.

How are you doing with your eagles?  Do you spy eagles where you never noticed them before?


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Part 4 of my Eagle Quilt

Slowly working on all the blocks for my eagle quilt, this is what I have so far:
I didn't want you to think I wasn't working on them, the house block half is already appliqued, just need to applique leaves, stars and 2 large vines, then on to Block 5 Hope all is well with everyone! Hugs, Mary