Monday, July 14, 2014

Getting Started on My Eagle Quilt

Okay, here it is, the rough draft of my eagle centerpiece! I have been drawing (and re-drawing again and again) until I got the basic 'feel' for what the center of my quilt will be. In applique of course!
My proposed eagle head...
 I made the mistake of asking my husband and daughters opinion, whether or not my drawing looked like an eagle. Whoa... Bad mistake. My wings weren't in proportion, the head looked like a seagull, too friendly looking and on and on. They were being SO helpful and I did need to change things up (boy did I ever--that's exactly why I asked), but wowsers. It's really hard to explain that I wanted something 'representational'! Why is that word so hard to explain when it comes to quilting? I took some of their advice though, wearing out an eraser or two and ended up with this.
And the proposed eagle body....
I'm not an artist and would never pretend to be. Pretty sure the art teacher actively disliked me in school! But eventually I'm going to be working with fabric, trying for a folk art look. The details won't be 'just right' or anywhere near perfect and I really wouldn't want even want them to be! The thing is, I know that if I draw up the picture myself, with pencil in hand (from an image I see in my head), then I'm much more likely to end up with a me quilt. That's a lot of I's and me's. Here's hoping it works.*wink


  1. I think it looks like a folk art eagle and that is what you wanted. Will the eagle be a separate block or part of a big center with other parts?

  2. It's fun to watch the beginning musings of several of you who have jumped right in here. I've been thinking about what direction I want to take but will probably put off any concrete work for a bit while I move forward on some in-progress projects.

  3. It's going to be a lovely quilt when you are finished.

    Yes it seems the one day we had "off" from the heat is gone here too.

    Stay cool.


  4. I'm impressed! How neat you are able to draw your own eagle, as that is a rewarding part of the creative process. I can't draw worth beans, so I'll be using a pattern of some sort, at least as a jumping off point.

  5. Love how your eagle is looking Audrey, can't wait to see more!

  6. This is a great drawing and it will make a fabulous center for your quilt. I admire quilters so much, I only wish I had a talent for doing it. I can’t wait to see it completed.
    Happy Summer

  7. I think you have done a great job here. Looking forward to watching this one develop


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