Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hi everyone, Well, after changing my mind re pattern to use, I started tracing and cutting out the eagles for my quilt - I have decided to use Summer Weekend by Blackbird Designs. Anyway, the eagles are not as easy as I thought...when you look at my picture you will see the little legs and wing span on one side is going to give me trouble, I just know when I start to needle turn. So, I am going to try and see how the first one goes, if it gives me problems then I am going to tweak it by redrafting those eagles. I will let you know my progress, Hugs, Mary


  1. Love your eagles! Really great pattern. Hope it works out for you.:)

  2. Great looking eagles! For what it's worth, I found the freezer paper & fabric starch method really helpful for doing the "feathers" on my eagle wings. Hope your stitching is fruitful!

  3. Thanks Audry and Angie, Angie I think I am going to try that! Hugs, Mary


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