Friday, March 6, 2015

One Down, Three to Go!

I finished hand appliqueing the first of my four eagles.  He still needs to have a few details embroidered in, but that can happen later.  The applique was not difficult, except for a few places where it was awkward to hold the fabric and stitch at the same time.  I used the freezer paper and starch method for prepping the fabric pieces - that technique really simplified the stitching process!

Now I just need to prep and stitch 3 more identical blocks.  Since I have the experience of the first block under my belt, I think I'll prep all the remaining blocks at the same time so I can just stitch my way through all of them.

How's everyone else doing?


  1. Totally stalled here but your eagle is beautiful!

  2. What a great eagle! I really waffled about doing a 1-eagle quilt or a 4-eagle quilt. The 4-eagle is such a classic design.:)

  3. me gusta mucho lo que estas realizando!!!

  4. Love your eagle and colors!!


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