Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finished 1st block

Hi Ladies, Here is my first block of eagles, finished. Was a bit challenging like I posted on my blog, especially their beaks and wings,
Now onto the next block! Hope everyone is enjoying their Tuesday, Hugs, Mary

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hi everyone, Well, after changing my mind re pattern to use, I started tracing and cutting out the eagles for my quilt - I have decided to use Summer Weekend by Blackbird Designs. Anyway, the eagles are not as easy as I thought...when you look at my picture you will see the little legs and wing span on one side is going to give me trouble, I just know when I start to needle turn. So, I am going to try and see how the first one goes, if it gives me problems then I am going to tweak it by redrafting those eagles. I will let you know my progress, Hugs, Mary

Friday, March 6, 2015

One Down, Three to Go!

I finished hand appliqueing the first of my four eagles.  He still needs to have a few details embroidered in, but that can happen later.  The applique was not difficult, except for a few places where it was awkward to hold the fabric and stitch at the same time.  I used the freezer paper and starch method for prepping the fabric pieces - that technique really simplified the stitching process!

Now I just need to prep and stitch 3 more identical blocks.  Since I have the experience of the first block under my belt, I think I'll prep all the remaining blocks at the same time so I can just stitch my way through all of them.

How's everyone else doing?

Change of Plans....

Yes, it is me, Mary, and I am going to change my pattern for the Eagle Quilt - I am going to use this Pattern:
Karen, has lent me her book - Summer Weekend by Blackbird Designs, so I will have more pictures of what I am doing.... just fell in love with this pattern, so will be posting progress... Have a great weekend, Mary